Civil & Structural Engineering

Selected design works from the portfolio of the chief designer of structures at Sigma Espilon sp. z o.o. from various areas of construction are presented below.
  1. Industrial construction
    Conceptual design of a production hall, metallurgical industry, province Świętokrzyskie, Poland.
    The hall has dimensions of 59x141 m, three-aisle, with two overhead cranes in the outer aisles. The structural system was designed in the form of prefabricated reinforced concrete columns mounted in socket foundations, crane beams rest on the column brackets and the hall roof structure - steel lattice girders rest on the heads of the columns.

    Conceptual design of a production hall, chemical industry, province Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland.
    The hall has plan dimensions of 35x42 m. The structural structure is designed in the form of steel portal frames with a lattice beam. A part of the hall had to be separated from the neighboring building with a fire-proof wall.

    Design of a flyover for pipelines and electrical installations, metallurgical industry, province Silesia, Poland.
    The frame structure consists of braced steel frames and horizontal trusses supported on them.

    Project of expansion and reconstruction of a technological etagere, chemical industry, province Lower Silesia, Poland.
    The existing steel structure required strengthening of the joints in connection with the planned expansion and reconstruction for new technological devices. A steel container was also designed as part of the project and supporting structures for technological devices and pipelines.

    Design of supporting structures for a technological installation, cement-lime industry, province Opole Voivodeship, Poland.
    A steel-enclosed flyover was designed for a belt conveyor (span 5x30 m) and steel supporting structures for technological equipment.

    Design of a boiler room building with a chimney support structure, food industry, province Lubelskie, Poland.
    Building with a steel frame structure, external walls made of sandwich panels, chimney supporting structure, spatial truss made of thin-walled sections.

    Design of a warehouse building, Gainsborough, England.
    The building has a steel frame structure with ribbed floor, external walls made of sandwich panels,
  2. Residential construction
    Design of a complex of single-family houses, province Lesser Poland.
    The estate consists of 16 semi-detached buildings, each with two residential premises. The structure of the building is traditional, masonry, with a wooden rafters supported by a beam in the ridge. The first floor structure is made of reinforced concrete. The building is supported on strip foundations.
    Construction view
    Design of two multi-family houses, province Lesser Poland.
    The four-story building has a traditional masonry structure made of ceramic blocks, and a timber rafter roof structure. A flat roof over part of the building is designed, as a reinforced concrete slab. The floors are made of reinforced concrete. The building is placed on strip foundations.
    Comprehensive computational model
  3. Public construction
    Design of a supermarket, Collingham, England.
    The building has a steel frame structure, filled with a traditional English brick diaphragm wall. Roof covering with ceramic tiles laid on sandwich panels.
  4. Underground construction
    Design of a single-bay road tunnel with a length of 900 m
    The project was carried out as part of postgraduate studies in Tunnel Construction and Tunnel Safety, conducted by the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Initial tunnel lining in the form of shotcrete and mechanical anchors, final lining in the form of monolithic concrete. The project also included tunnel ventilation in the construction phase in the form of a duct and in the operational phase in the form of longitudinal ventilation.